A note from Pastor Dan

Entering my 18th year of ordained ministry as a pastor, it is my privilege to be here at First Presbyterian Church of Hastings. This  congregation and community of Hastings offer so much for me and my family to enjoy life to the fullest.

Twenty-two years ago, my wife Jess and I were married in the community of Cambria, California. At that time, we partnered together in youth ministry at Community Presbyterian Church.  In 2000, I completed a Masters of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, and was hired as an Associate Pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lubbock, Texas. Two of our three children were born in Lubbock (Nate and Phoebe). Our third child (Caleb), was born back in California while I was the Pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church of Port Hueneme (Ventura County).  In September 2015 my family and I arrived in Hastings.

My passion for being a pastor is based on my desire to do three things for people. First,  I want to share with everyone that God loves them more than they can ever imagine. Second, I want to help people to grow in their personal relationship with Christ. Finally, I want to help people discover their spiritual calling in life. It is my belief that these three endeavors will spread God’s love further around the world. Check out my sermons online.

If you are already a part of the First Presbyterian Church family, or you are considering dropping by for a worship service, please know that I want you to call on me so that I can get to know you better. One of the great joys of my profession is that I meet lots of people, and get to hear a lot of interesting personal stories about life and faith. Your story, I know, would be of interest to me. So call or email me so we can enjoy a cup of coffee together soon!  It would be my pleasure.


God Bless!

Pastor Dan Birchfield