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What do I do if I have an address change? If you need to update your information, you can click go here with and send us your updated information, or stop in to our church office any time during regular business hours.
I would like to sign up for electronic mailings. Click here
What if I need to plan a funeral?  What do I do? At First Presbyterian Church, we accept that physical death is part of every life. Funeral worship services are intended to celebrate the memory of the deceased, and provide their loved ones a time to hear God's words of comfort and hope as they grieve. When help is needed to plan a service, the Pastor is available to help you and your funeral director. If you are struggling after the loss of a loved one, we encourage you to speak with the Pastor. Please call the office if you need a planning form.
What if I want to rent the building? The facilities of the First Presbyterian Church exist primarily for worship and use by its members through the ministries. We do allow the use of the building for other events, as our calendar allows. Board approval is needed, so we encourage you to contact us if you have special requirements. We also encourage you to look at the online church calendar, or call the office to check on date availability.

Please read the facility use packet prior to completing the use application. The application may be completed online.

Also note that a current Certificate of Liability and Property Damage insurance coverage naming First Presbyterian Church of Hastings as an additional insured MUST be on file prior to the date of the event by all rental groups to First Presbyterian Church for the purpose of covering liability and property damage or accidents that might occur on church property.

What if I need help? If you find yourself in need of personal help, a member of our church staff is here to help in any way they can. Contact us directly at 269-945-5463, and we will do our best to put you in touch with those best suited to help. We also encourage you to contact Barry County Cares (formerly Love, Inc) at 269-948-9555. They are there to help guide you to which community services may be able to assist with your need.

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