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Latest Numbers. As of May 13th, our congregation has pledged $396,400 toward our goal. Check back soon!



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What would our church be like if it were debt-free? How could our impact for God’s kingdom increase in Barry County in the years ahead? What impact can we have today? And, How can you help make it happen?

The answers aren’t hard to picture, but first let’s look quickly at where we stand. Building in a down economy let us stretch our dollars and accomplish far more than would ever have been possible otherwise. Thanks to the sale of the old church, and generous gifts, we presently owe approximately $400,000. That’s a fraction of the original cost, but it’s still a significant amount, and add to it another $288,000 in interest---if we pay over the full term. Of our $3,700 monthly mortgage payment, nearly two-thirds of it--$2,300--is interest.

Once our building fund runs out, monthly payments will need to come from our existing operating income, cutting our budget by ten percent. You can imagine the impact. We’d have to reduce mission giving, eliminate programs, and cut staff.

Now picture a far different scenario. Our property is paid off. No more principle to pay or interest to drain us. Just a home all our own where we can worship God, grow together as a family, dream big, and reach out to our community in tangible ways with the love of Jesus Christ.

It can happen! On Vision Sunday, April 15, 2011, we kick off a campaign to repay our mortgage and raise funds for a significant mission project in our community. Our goal is to raise $800,000 half of which will be used in the community.

Of course, not everyone can make another major gift just five years after our first campaign, particularly in this economy. We understand. We aren’t asking for equal gifts, just equal sacrifice.

Here’s what we’d like you to do:

On Commitment Sunday, May 20, we will be given the opportunity to make a three-year commitment over and above what we currently give to the operating budget. Please plan to be present. Let’s join together to give sacrificially toward this exciting vision. Then let’s watch what God will do!

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